Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Poem and Painting of the Day

This was the Poem of the Day, based upon this painting. It reminded me of a drawing project that I have students do, which I learned myself from Steve Levin at Virginia Intermont College. Students pick a work from art history to describe to a partner who must draw sight unseen from the the first student's description of the painting. It encourages a careful observation of what is going on in a picture, and depending upon the class who is doing the exercise, it is a boisterous experience often full of laughter and surprise. 

I enjoyed this poem immensely. I read it without having seen the particular Soutine, and then wondered what one would draw if given the description of the poem. It makes me think there should be more poet and painter collaborations, though in someways poetry needs more room than that. By that I mean, poets interpret paintings a lot, but the other way around, is that going to be too literal, is that going to miss the mark that poetry aims for? 

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