Beth Castle Lovell is a Connecticut artist, freelance web developer and illustrator at Little Wolf Press, and the mother of two boys. She has posted a daily drawing online for the past three years, a plan which began as a New Years Resolution. Beth has an MFA in Painting from Yale School of Art and a BFA from Indiana University, Bloomington. You can find her work at 365drawings.blogspot.com, or flickr.com/bricoleur 

Contact email: beth.lovell@gmail.com

Artist's Statement

In her poem Three Foxes by the Edge of the Field at Twilight, Jane Hirshfield writes:

There is more and more I tell no one,
strangers nor loves.
This slips into the heart
without hurry, as if it had never been.

I draw from my daily life: the weather, my errands, my family. The moments I am drawn to record are visually arresting: a staggering group of clouds, someone's posture when they are lost in concentration, or random patterns in puddles or shadows; but not neccesarily the events you would recall if someone asked about your day.

For the past three years, I have been posting my daily drawings to Flickr, to my blog, and to Facebook. These can be simple line drawings, quick color studies, or a sketch that gets reworked the following day. A rewarding aspect of posting online is the feedback: the comments, the "likes", and the conversation the pictures bring about. Many drawings are of the local sky and weather, and sometimes later I will run ito a friend who says, "I saw that the other day and wondered if you were going to draw it."

Since most people do not have time to hang out skygazing together, the drawings are a way to share a connection to nature. Usually I am painting a view from the back deck of our house while I am burning dinner for my family. 

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