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It is a state of a piece for Sound and Vision. The final album cover had a glow in the dark Totoro painted on it along with the title of the album in an obligatory 1970s stoner font.


Better luck drawing it than photographing it.

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Weird Illustrations

illustration 6
On a scavenger hunt for transcripts today, I found my first ever illustrations for hire. These were for a Yale psychology student's dissertation involving "transfer of problem-solving strategies". These deserve revisiting in some way. I love the minimalist and the peril. See the whole set here:

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New Watercolor

Having fun trying out some watercolor techniques, thanks to Carrie Brummer from ArtistThink who put on a couple of really helpful webinars.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Bayeux Tapestry Archers

bayeux tapestry

I must say, I am really having fun with this series, drawing on Kraft paper with white marker and finding characters in the Bayeux tapestry to illustrate.There are a lot of gruesome things I could illustrate from the tapestry, however, there is also a bit of incidental and humorous things there as well. These archers are a great little border on the bottom of the tapestry underneath the main story.

This is day two of the #5DayDraw challenge taught by Von Glitschka that is available at It is well worth a look.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Banner at My Etsy Shop

I put up a new banner at my Etsy shop Little Wolf Press. I think this new banner is more in keeping with the drawings and paintings I have for sale right now. It was pretty fun to make. Again, I was going to collage it in Photoshop, but found that painting it by hand was much quicker. Plus I got to draw a new wolf! I may edit it a bit more so you can see the sparks flying up from the campfire better, and the constellations and the lights in the house, and the moon. All in all the light bits need to be a little lighter. What do you think? I was going to go with a hand-written font but I am not so terribly good at that so this one is kind of story-book-esque. I was going to use Charlemagne but that is just because I have been playing around with the Bayeux Tapestry lately. 

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