Monday, March 14, 2016

First Day of Spring Break: Icon Design in Illustrator

icons on grey
 I am fortunate enough this year to actually have spring break, and that means for two weeks, my time is my own. It has been a long time since this has happened and I am anxious that I do not squander it. Today, I spent much of the day on an project in Adobe Illustrator. I am notorious for starting projects and wandering off when they are about half-way done. I have a bunch of projects in this state, either classes I am taking, or projects of my own. It is my way. I am trying to stop leaving things half-done, however. The project I am working on right now is a class I found via the website. It is called Illustrate your Day: An Introduction to Symbol Design and it is taught by Edward Boatman of the Noun Project and it is about making simple icons in Adobe Illustrator. It combines that crazy daily journaling that I have come to adore and share in a lot of my teaching, and a clear quick tutorial of Adobe Illustrator tools. So, since I am teaching Graphic Design at Hopkins this term, I am loving the tutorial and the assignment that goes with it. I am adapting this for my class, so I am hopeful going to complete this tutorial and share it after spring break.

The videos are short and easy to follow. I did the list and the sketches quickly and am working my way now through the icons. I made 6 icons today. Pretty much between 11 am and 5 pm. So it was a pretty productive day. This weekend, my first two days of spring break, were given over to domestic duties, such as baking bread and granola, doing laundry and raking. I am also sort of dieting and exercising more, but nothing too crazy. I am doing couch to 10K, still closer to couch than to 10K.

Oh, I found a great web comic to read too: I think you're saucesome and I am reading it from the beginning. 
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