Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oil paints

Studio with field easel
This morning, I finally bit the bullet and dusted off (literally and figuratively) my field easel to see what state my oil paints were in. I have a small shoebox of paints, enough for a limited pallette, if you like earth tones, and some of them are even Holbein and Old Holland, some are Winton. A large tube of Rembrandt Titanium white. Two small bottles of linseed oil and WN Sansodor which mockingly were covered in goo. All these items from the island of misfit art supplies mock me in their state of shabby goo-covered disarray. I have about five brushes and a couple of goo covered pallette knives. And so my foray back into oil painting begins. I so desperately need a pallette scraper and rags. Let's get this party started. Oil painting, I am ready for you to break my heart and kick my ass (again)!
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