Friday, March 1, 2013

rabbit rabbit

rabbit rabbit by Bricoleur's Daughter
rabbit rabbit, a photo by Bricoleur's Daughter on Flickr.
Rabbit, Rabbit! Happy March, everyone!

This drawing is inspired by a font I recent learned about, called Mr. Dog Dog by designers: Aleksandra and Daniel MizieliƄscy. You can see more of their illustrations here: 

Ben and I admired the animals in the font, and observed that cartoon characters look funnier if one eye is bigger than the other. 

I learned about this great font because I have been watching a series of tutorials at CreativeLive's Photoshop Week. They are excellent, and I especially enjoyed learning about working with text from Khara Plicanic.

Photoshop Week is free this week for live streaming, but the individual classes can be purchased quite reasonably.
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