Tuesday, February 5, 2013

lynda.com tutorial

Via Flickr:
This was a page of notes from a Lynda.com tutorial, Drawing Vector Graphics with Von Glitschka. Check out the tutorial. I found it to be very useful. He walks you through taking a drawing into Illustrator and turning it into a vector graphic. You start with your sketch, then you trace it onto tracing paper on a light box before you scan that into the computer, so that you have less clean-up and decision making to do once you import your scan. That in and of itself is a very useful step. But he goes on to explain how to use the pen tool, in very practical logical ways, rather than the way I used it, as if I were making a dot-to-dot drawing!

Like most lynda.com tutorials, it is in depth and takes a while to get through. I would watch a little during lunch, or when folding clothes, but I finally got through it and I am in the process of trying it out. The speaker was very generous with information, tips, and short cuts. I feel like I am no longer intimidated by Illustrator's Pen tool, which frankly never seemed much like a pen to me.

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