Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Birthday Treat from They Draw and Cook!

Hi, everyone! For a special treat this week, (it being my birthday, this week) I woke up to email over the weekend from Nate at They Draw and Cook, saying that my Plums recipe was on the main jumbotron for the week! This is a recipe inspired by my friend Pam, who sent out a message on Facebook one week when should could not go pick up her farm share from the lovely Hindinger Farm. The farm share contained these fabulous plums and a couple of spaghetti squash and a whole bunch of other delicious treats. There is the William Carlos Williams poem about the plums, This is Just to Say, and a lovely turquoise Olivetti typewriter also in the illustration. (Not Ken's old grey Smith Corona). I framed the original watercolors into a triptych and sold them at ArtSpace's City Wide Open Studios this year to a lovely collector! I am hoping to make an 11x17 print of the triptych which is a slightly different design for our Little Wolf shop at Etsy

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