Sunday, July 29, 2012


hydrangea by Bricoleur's Daughter
hydrangea, a photo by Bricoleur's Daughter on Flickr.

K made a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas for our Olympics Opening Ceremony snacks table. There were grapes, olives, hummus, veggies, mozzarella, salami and homemade boule, augmented by pb & j because the boys did not find the noshing table to be quite substantial enough to count as dinner! There was some lovely ginger pear jam for the grown ups, thanks to our friend Anna who brought it back from a recent trip to France.
The hydrangea bush in our back yard is especially beautiful and full this year, through no fault of our own. We've lived here almost 11 years, and most of those years, that bush has not bloomed, whether or not we tried to encourage it. Last year, it had a few while we were away on our big trip, and this year, it is a full on proper hydrangea bush as if we were gardeners, rather than showering the plant with benign neglect!
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